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Powerful Beyond Measure A Bold Online Course to Overcome Fear, Access Your Innate Strength and Let Love Work Through You

Powerful Beyond Measure is an 8-week course with two recorded Q+A sessions with Marianne Williamson designed to help people connect with their power and purpose.

Over the course of the program, you'll explore: 

  • How to turn our attention inward and open to divine guidance 
  • Ways to surrender and let go of what does not serve us 
  • How to accept what is, while moving toward what’s possible 
  • How to use your authentic power in the world for change and good 
  • Simple daily meditations and practices to stay aligned

Opt-In Funnel:

The opt-in page leads to a 3 video series with Marianne and a webinar with Tami Simon. We see highest conversions when our partners mail to the opt-in page first. 

The 3 video topics are:

  • Where true power lies and how to reclaim the spiritual truth of who you are
  • Why people give up their power, and how to break through the two blocks of power
  • How to find your divine assignment and step into your sacred calling at this time

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In this video series, learn: 

  • Methods for expressing your power in a way that is both graceful and courageous. 
  • How to use your spiritual practice to "attain and retain" stillness and non-reactivity

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Sample Post 2

[LIMITED TIME] We invite you to join us for a FREE 3-part video series, Accessing Your Power Without Losing Your Heart & Soul, with bestselling author and world-renowned teacher Marianne Williamson.  

You’ll receive immediate access to our first video, “Where True Power Lies,” where Marianne reveals the true source of your power and how to reclaim the truth of who you are.  

Watch the first video in the series to learn: 

  • Why what you’re taught to believe about power is actually disempowering  
  • The ONE shift in perception that can finally align you with your inner power 
  • How to use your spiritual practice to "attain and retain" stillness and non-reactivity 

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